El gato azul

miércoles, julio 20, 2005

I'm gonna enjoy the ride!

A poco no nos vemos bien lindas Monito y yo?? Jaja! quien nos viera!!(Gracias Lalo)

Los ánimos van pa arriba, llevo toda la mañana cantándome ésta canción de Marlango:

Walk out, I am feeling pretty,
have fun, summer in the city.
Any rime I can find a riddle,
any season I can find a reason.
For once just enjoy the ride.

All the eyes I can find inviting,
all the boys I can find attractive.
You look fine, there´s nothing to worry,
take your time, baby ther´s no hurry.
For once just enjoy the ride.

I´ll pretend I don´t know you´re looking,
I´ll invent everything we shouldn´t say.
But baby, hush, all the city is slleping.
And baby, rush, this is time we´re stealing.
For once just enjoy the ride.

Look down, my skirt is short,
high heels gonna make you want me,
I´m gonna laugh, I´m gonna to dance.
I´m gonna enjoy the ride.


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